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    Kiev, the famous "Sambat", which is the memory of Ukraine as the capital city, draws attention with its hosting of the Turkish principalities for abou...
    Kiev, the famous "Sambat", which is the memory of Ukraine as the capital city, draws attention with its hosting of the Turkish principalities for about 500 years. In spring and summer months, the picturesque landscape of Kiev is filled with greenery, while the city, where the winters are harsh, sets the stage for a clear view with the falling snow in December, January and February. Kiev, which offers a wide range of cultural heritage to be visited and visited with its parks and historical architects, He makes a short trip in history with the Great Homeland War Museum, where many works, collections and documents about World War II are exhibited.
    This city, which best describes the Ukrainian culture, brings a new breath to your understanding of entertainment with its many events that will give you unforgettable moments as well as historical stops, nightlife from the legendary nightlife to local festivals and carnivals. Thanks to such events as the Kiev Fashion Week, the Kiev Day, the International Short Film Festival and the Kiev Music Festival, which has been celebrated since 1990, the city becomes the scene of colorful images every month of the year. Do not forget to buy tasty food such as Borsch, Zavyvantsi, Deruny and Vareniky of the Ukrainian cuisine, and the matrička dolls that have become a symbol of the city, while this beautiful city has set foot!
    Where to stay in Kiev
    3 ★ Ibis Kiev City Center
    The 3-star Ibis Kiev City Center is a few minutes away from important points such as Peremohy Square, botanical garden and opera house, with 212 brightly decorated rooms. In the hotel's restaurant you can choose from different breakfast options in the morning, and the European cuisine is served.
    3 ★ Bratislava Hotel
    Operating in the Dniprovskiy Region, Bratislava Hotel is preferred due to its close proximity to the airport, exhibition palace and public transport. The rooms of the 3-star hotel with a rating of 8.5 are bright and spacious. In the evenings where the daily open buffet breakfast is served, successful samples from local delicacies and world cuisines are served.
    4 ★ Podol Plaza Hotel
    Podol Plaza Hotel with its historic frontage is very close to the city center and metro station. The 4-star property at walking distance from Kontraktova Square is ideal for travelers interested in architecture, food and city walks. The classic decor of the hotel offers a continental breakfast in the morning. At the à la carte restaurant, traditional Ukrainian and international dishes are served in the evening.
    5 ★ Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv
    The pet-friendly facility is located in the center of the Podil District. 5-star stylish Fairmont Grand Hotel is close to Kyiv Kiev River Port 'na and Poctovaia Ploshad Subway Station. The breakfast served at the award-winning restaurant Vogue is appreciated with its delicious menu. The restaurant also serves European, Chinese and Ukrainian cuisine. The hotel has a spa and wellness center as well as an indoor swimming pool.
    Places to Visit in Kiev
    1. St. Sofia Cathedral
    Saint Sophia's Cathedral, built from the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, was built in the 11th century. Over time, the religious structure surrounded by numerous Ukrainian Baroque-style buildings is at the beginning of the structures bearing traces of Byzantine architecture in the city. The church, which has been used by Orthodox and Catholic communities in its 1000 years of history, now serves as a museum. If you take the bell tower at the entrance of the museum, you can see the whole city bird's eye view.
    2. Maidan Nezalezhnosti
    Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), built by historians on the list of places that holidaymakers visit in Kiev, was built on an area called the High Preserve in the past. At the top of the middle column there is a statue depicting Archangel Michael, and there is a monument devoted to 4 legendary characters who are considered the founders of the city. It is possible to see the historical part of Kiev from the upper floors of the buildings around the plaza where the demonstration and the demonstration during the Orange Peace and the USSR were held.
    3. Khreshchatyk
    Khreshchatyk shops, cafes, restaurants and historical buildings in Kiev's main caddy statue are considered to be one of the city's most important attractions. The streets, which were rebuilt by the Red Army with the Stalinist architect following the complete demolition of buildings on World War II, are closed to vehicle traffic at weekends and public holidays.
    4. Kiev Pechersk Lavra
    The monastery Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Kiev Monastery of the Caves), founded in 1051, is the name given to the region. Caves beneath the monastery, an important religious center for Eastern Orthodox people in Eastern Europe, now function as museums. The bell tower and the church section on the outskirts of the museum, where the galleries where the monks live their lives and where they worship, are exhibited in visitors, are worth seeing.
    5. The Golden Gate
    The Golden Gate (Golden Gate, Zoloti Vorota), a military building in the nature of a replica of the main gate of Constantinople, was built between 1017 and 1024 on the orders of Yaroslav Mudri, the founder of the Prince of Kiev. Since almost all of the work that the local people gave the name "Sky Gate" was destroyed in the middle ages because it was born over the sun, it was rebuilt as close as possible to the wish of the Soviet authorities who ruled the city in 1982.
    6. Andrevski Hill
    Andrevski Yokusu (Andrevski Spusk), which we took on the list of places to visit in Kiev due to its historical backgrounds, cafes with views of the Dnieper River, is an important gateway linking the upper region, which is the administrative part of the city, with the lower region where people live. On the St. Andrew's Church and the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, there are also many shops selling Ukrainian cultural and historical goods.
    7. Mariyinsky Palace
    Mariyinsky Palace (Mariyinsky Palace), located on a hill near the Dnieper River, was built between 1744 and 1752 at the request of the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. The palace, designed by the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli at the time, carries traces of the Baroque architectural style. The structure, which was used as the headquarters of the Kiev Independence Committee during the war, is now being used for official receptions, presidential acceptance ceremonies and sightseeing.
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