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    The county seat with 140,000 inhabitants belongs to the Turkish province of Mugla. It is one of the best-known beach resorts in Turkey. Fethiye combines a beach...
    The county seat with 140,000 inhabitants belongs to the Turkish province of Mugla. It is one of the best-known beach resorts in Turkey. Fethiye combines a beach holiday with the unique natural scenery on the southern coast of Turkey, ancient sights, shopping and a lively nightlife. The prices for hotel accommodation are in the midfield compared to other resorts in Turkey. The same applies to package tours and flights to nearby Dalaman Airport.
    Your trip to Fethiye: All-inclusive vacation, hotel or apartment?
    Fethiye is a mix of seaside resort and vibrant market town. There are more than 100 hotels together with everyday life in Turkey. For this reason, there is much to experience in the coastal city right outside the hotel grounds, in contrast to tourist resorts, which consist only of hotels. Of course, the entire region lives from tourism. This is especially noticeable in summer on every street corner. Nevertheless, Fethiye is a little quieter compared to the large seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera. With unique beaches such as the "Blue Lagoon" in Oludeniz, ancient sights, shopping in the city center, natural parks in the vicinity and a lively nightlife district at night, Fethiye has something to offer all kinds of travelers.
    A) Package tours and all-inclusive hotels
    Package travelers make up the majority of travelers in the coastal city as almost everywhere else in Turkey. Due to the size of the tourist city, there are many alternative offers in boutique hotels, pensions, and apartments.
    In summary, Fethiye is a great place for families, couples and party vacationers to spend a few nice days or weeks on the Mediterranean Sea.
    The arrival times in summer are short by the local airport in Dalaman (transfer time 50 to 90 minutes) and the prices for all-inclusive hotels of the 5-star category are unbeatable as in all other countries in Turkey.
    B) Hotels and apartments
    There are hotels, guesthouses, and apartments in various price ranges and hotel categories in downtown Fethiye. Outside the city center are large all-inclusive club facilities, sometimes with several hundred rooms to find. The hotels in Fethiye belong mostly to the 4 to 5-star category and have their own beach section.
    3. The flights, airport and airport transfer to Fethiye:
    Flights: The easiest way to reach Fethiye is via Dalaman Airport, 45 kilometers away. In summer there are regular direct flights from the largest German cities to the airport. Outside the main season, you usually have to change in Istanbul. If you do not have a direct flight to Dalaman, Antalya is often the pick of choice. Flights cost the most in the summer months. They are often more expensive than a cheap package holiday. This is a strange combination that occurs with all-inclusive deals that are popular in Turkey.
    Airport Transfer: The drive to Fethiye takes 50 to 90 minutes from Dalaman. It depends on whether you are traveling by bus or a private transfer. The former remain standing along the way in some other hotels.
    The drive from Antalya to Fethiye takes about 3 hours. This is usually shorter than the waiting time at the airport and the cost of the transfer is often cheaper than the additional cost of the indirect flight to Fethiye. Basically, an airport transfer in Turkey is not difficult to organize.
    Car Rental: You can book a rental car in Fethiye, Dalaman Airport or Antalya. From Dalaman airport, all you have to do is take the expressway D-400 towards Finike / Antalya / Fethiye. It will take you directly to your destination. From Antalya, take the first exit onto the D-400 towards Finike, then change to the E-89 towards Denizli in the city center. From Sögüt, take the D-350 towards Fethiye and return to the D-400 just before Fethiye. Alternatively, you can stay the entire route on the D-400.
    List of top sights, attractions, and beaches:
    In Fethiye, there is the possibility to try out all kinds of water sports, to explore secluded beaches, to celebrate in outdoor discos, to visit shopping malls and to visit the ancient sights on the Lycian coast.
    A) The most important tips for sightseeing:
    Always pay in Turkish Lira. The prices in Euro are always more expensive. And you can pay at the entrance to the state attractions only in Lira. Booking day trips cost the most in hotels and for tour operators. The lowest prices you pay at the local tour operators (with negotiation). In midfield are the online providers.
    B) List of sights and activities:
    The Lycian rock tombs carved into rock walls above the city center are the most famous sights in Fethiye. Some of them are simpler and some, like Amyntas' 2400-year-old tomb, are more like a temple facade. Lycian-Roman stone sarcophagi can be found throughout the city. They stand in public squares, in parks, next to streets and are partially incorporated in the house walls. On the cliffs above the town stands the ruin of a castle built in the 15th century by knights of the Knights of St. John.
    Day Trips to Saklikent Canyon: This is a 300-meter high gorge that allows you to walk on boardwalks.
    The ruins of the ancient city of Tlos
    Oludeniz beach with the "Blue Lagoon"
    Ruins of the Ghost Town Kayaköy: It has been abandoned after the Turkish-Greek War (1922/23).
    In Fethiye, there is a small archaeological museum
    Paragliding from Babadag mountain in Oludeniz
    Day trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site Xanthos and the Shrine of Letoon
    Day trip to the Pamukkale limestone terraces formed by thermal waters and the ruins of Hierapolis
    The tomb of Nicholas of Myra and the ruins of the ancient city of Myra
    The 510 km long Lycian Longwave Trail to Antalya begins in Fethiye.
    Water sports: diving, sailing, kite-surfing, ...
    Excursions with Turkish motor sailing ships (gulet) to lonely bays and beaches
    Jeep safari in the mountains
    In the nearby province of Antalya, there are countless other attractions. An overview can be found in my list of over 70 destinations.
    C) Beach in Fethiye and the surrounding area
    Fethiye has many small bays with fine sandy beaches. The Blue Flag seal of approval blows at all, which stands for sustainable beach management and good water quality. Located on the shoreline of downtown Fethiye, Calis Beach is always packed in the summer months. There are umbrellas and loungers to borrow, beach bars, restaurant and in the nearby old town many small shops. At the eastern end of Calis beach begins a small peninsula. On its side, which is inclined towards Fethiye, there is a bathing bay with a beautiful beach. At the very tip of the peninsula, you will find the Kuleli Beach Park. There are covered cabanas, a small lake, beach chairs and of course a beautiful bay.
    Just west of Fethiye there are two beautiful bays: the Katranci Bay and the Günlüklü Bay.
    Ölüdeniz Beach with the "Blue Lagoon" is just 20 minutes away from Fethiye. The beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean. You have to pay for the beach because of its popularity and the many tourists.
    Day trips to:
    Patara beach
    Iztuzu beach in Dalyan
    Butterfly Valley
    D) The nightlife and restaurants:
    Fethiye has dozens of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Most are split between the bazaar district to the east of the harbor, the city center, the harbor and Calis beach.
    During your holiday in Fethiye, you should definitely go to a good Turkish restaurant. Mozaik Bahçe is the best. It offers delicious Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful garden at reasonable prices. The most famous clubs in the city are the "Car Cemetery", a mixture of bar and lounge, the "Ottoman" and the "Disko Marina" at the harbor. The bars are spread over the entire city of Fethiye. Best start your evening at the harbor or on the Calis beach. From there you will surely find a place where you like it.
    The best travel times:
    Fethiye has a Mediterranean climate.
    High season - June to September: Turkey offers excellent conditions for a beach holiday in summer. Daytime temperatures are consistently over 30 degrees every four months. The sea is warmer than 25 ° from July to the end of September and it drops on average once a month for a few hours of rain. Low Season - April and May: At the beginning of April the bathing season starts in Fethiye. The weather is still changeable. The air temperatures are from the middle of the month consistently over 25 °. The sea warms up only at the end of April to a pleasant 22-24 °.
    Late season - October: October is the best month to spend a beach holiday in Fethiye outside the main season. At the beginning of the month, the daytime temperatures are above 30 ° and the seawater is 24 ° warm. Only at the end of October does rainfall and temperatures drop.
    Winter and long-term vacation: In winter it is rarely colder than 10 ° C in Fethiye during the winter. Mostly the thermometer rises to over 20 °. The sea is unfortunately too cold at 18 ° to swim in winter. The period between November and March is characterized by frequent precipitation on the Turkish south coast. It falls 8 to 12 times a month rain. Fethiye is a very popular place among long-term travelers and emigrants from the UK and Germany. This is due to the good winter infrastructure, the clear warm weather and the relatively low cost of living.
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