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    Dubai, based in the United Arab Emirates, has been among the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and the Arabian peninsula in recent years. The ci...
    Dubai, based in the United Arab Emirates, has been among the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and the Arabian peninsula in recent years. The city, which stretches between the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Basra and the endless desert, resembles an abyss with its modern silhouette.
    Branded with palm-shaped islands built on the sea and the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai is at the top of the luxury concept with its seven star Burj Al Arab hotel. With its constantly renewed face and the numerous entertainment it offers, it offers its guests a vacation far beyond their dreams. The city, which attracts the attention of visitors from all ages, including the world's largest shopping malls, water parks, giant aquariums, beaches and ski slopes, such as the Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall, also protects the traditional lifestyle. Offering the opportunity to learn about Bedouin cultures and the history of Dubai, the Heritage and Diving Village attracts western travelers, especially in the mystical atmosphere of the Golden Horn and the Spice Shops. Dubai, a cosmopolitan city; The opera house, the museums, the annual shopping, food, literature and art festivals, music events and sports encounters are not only amusing but also amusing in cultural tourism.
    Where to Stay in Dubai?
    There are 5 main areas where you can stay in Dubai. These include: Deira, Bur Dubai, Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, Emirates Road
    Deira: Dubai's old financial center. Situated in the easternmost part of the city, this area has the old trade centers of the city such as the Altıncilar and Spice Market. The airport is close to this area. There are many good quality and convenient hotels in this area. The only thing you need to pay attention to is city traffic. In the evening, there may be heavy traffic between this area and other tourist spots. But an ideal place for budget accommodation.
    Bur Dubai: Located on the opposite side of Deira, the southern part of Dubai's bay, Bur Dubai is the oldest settlement in the city.
    Jumeirah: This is a region opposite Europe, Pakistan and the Philippines. It is one of the most preferred places by tourists due to its proximity to Jumeirah Beach and other beaches. Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Mosque are the most notable structures in the region. Burj Khalifa, the famous building of the city, and the famous mall The Dubai Mall are also located in this area. Towards the west, Dubai Marina attracts attention with its skyscrapers and European-style living standards. There are many quality hotels around the rest of the city's most important thoroughfares, Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Jebel Ali: Dubai's mega artificial port. The new airport zone and Expo 2020 meeting place will be here. The island of Palm Jebel Ali from the Palm Islands is located at the entrance of this zone.
    Emirates Road: The point to the inner cut from the beach, the suburbs.
    Dubai is also highly preferred for the sea holiday. Jumeirah Beach from the famous beaches of the city and Burj Al Arab Hotel in the city behind it.
    3 ★ Ibis Styles Dubai Jumeira
    Where to stay in Dubai The price / benefit ratio is the most important criteria for you, you can add the Ibis Styles Dubai Jumeira, which is very close to Jumeira Beach and Sheikh Zayed Road. Moreover, the hotel has a score of 8 out of 10 due to its central location and hygienic environment, only 12 kilometers from Dubai International Airport.
    The indoor swimming pool, wellness center with its wellness center is spacious and spacious. In case of demand, it is possible to find delicacies from the world's leading cuisines on the menu of the restaurant where special nutritional options such as halal and vegetarian can be offered.
    4 ★ Atana Hotel
    Atana Hotel, one of the city's most popular accommodation facilities, is a 5-minute drive from Dubai's popular Mall of Emirates. The boutique-style hotel as well as the shopping center make it easy to get to Jumeirah Beach and Internet City Metro Station with free shuttle service. A warm and bright environment is created in the living quarters where families of couples and children can comfortably accommodate.
    You can choose Aladar or Olives from the à la carte menu when your stomach is open in every hotel with a rating of 8,5 which is dominated by modernity. All meals, including breakfast, are served in open buffet style at Tasisteki Gardens Restaurant which has an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace and a fully equipped fitness room.
    4 ★ Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road
    Located on the Dubai International Convention and Trade Center, the Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road on Sheikh Zayed Road makes it an ideal choice for both business and leisure stays. Thanks to the preference of pan-tilt in window designs, you can enjoy panoramic view of the Jumeirah Coast while staying in the spacious and air-conditioned rooms of the hotel. The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa are just 5 minutes away by car, and there are 4 different restaurants where menus include different culinary cultures.
    If you want to spend time in the hotel with an evaluation score of 8.5 instead of going out, you can sip your drink in the mezzanine pub, cool off in the 43rd swimming pool or take advantage of the massages in the wellness center.
    4 ★ DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach
    Starting with a continental, halal, gluten-free, American or buffet breakfast at the Sun Gastro Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai offers you luxurious suites overlooking the unique view of the Dubai Marina and the Oman Sea, to advise you on Jumeirah Beach. no. The hotel is a few minutes' walk from The Beach Mall, the most famous dining and entertainment spot on the coastal part of the city, and holidaymakers enjoy privileged access to special access to the beach.
    The Al-Maeda Restaurant, where you can taste Lebanese delicacies when you have a stomachache, or the Areia, which offers light options in the pool area, can be cleaned up with the massage services of the wellness spa.
    4 ★ Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach
    last option is the Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach, with its central location between The Walk and Dubai Marina, and the guests' favorite. Already a 2-minute walk from the plaja, this boutique-style hotel has received a high rating of 8.1 from its guests thanks to its hygienic environment and quality of service.
    The facility is designed in modern style with large living room and fully equipped kitchen. If you want to have a pleasant time after having dinner while staying at the hotel that has 5 restaurants offering different tastes from different culinary cultures, you can go to the nargile salon where you can watch the unique view of Palm Cumayra and Dubai Marina. You can also use the fitness room to keep your form or the outdoor swimming pool to cool off.
    Places to Visit in Dubai
    1. Burj Al Arab
    Our list of places to visit in Dubai includes the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel, the icon of the city. The hotel, built on the backfill, is also known as the "Yelken Hotel" because of its architect. The helicopter at the top of the hotel is used as a famous tennis court. To visit the hotel you have to be either in the hotel or in the room or at the restaurant.
    2. Burj Khalifa
    Burj Khalifa is not only Dubai's but also one of the most important structures in the world. The building, which is 828 m in length, currently has the world's highest building title. Burj Khalifa, located in the 2nd place of our list of places to visit in Dubai, has many facilities in it. There are also viewing terraces in the building where the hotels, business centers and restaurants are located.
    At the TOP 124 of the 164-storey Burj Khalifa completed in 2010 and At the TOP SKY on the 148th floor are two different viewing terraces. The entrance fees of these 2 viewing terraces vary by the hour.
    3. The Dubai Mall
    Normally I do not want to put shopping centers on our list of places to visit, but when it comes to Dubai, this rule needs to be stretched a bit. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world. There are currently 635 stores in the shopping mall, which was slaughtered in 2009. I guarantee you will be lost when you travel.
    4. Dubai Museum
    The Dubai Museum, one of the most important museums in our list of places to visit in Dubai, is located in El Fahidi Fortress in Al Bastakiya District, one of the oldest settlements in the city. Built in 1787, this fort is the oldest building in Dubai.
    The structure of the Portuguese influence has been used as a residence and administrative center in the past, but today it is home to the Dubai Museum. Opened in 1971, this museum exhibits the lifestyles of the locals in Dubai, the past of the Emirates. By presenting the development of Dubai in various presentations, scenes of daily pre-oil life in the country are being portrayed. (Saturday-Thursday 08.30-20.30, Friday 14.30-20.30)
    5. Madinat Jumeirah
    Madinat Jumeirah, one of the most beautiful places in Dubai, is located right next to Burj Al Arab, the iconic city of the city. This is a beautiful bazaar built with inspiration from Bastakiya's wind tower houses, the old settlement of the city.
    You can find various antique merchandise, handmade products throughout the bazaar, mainly touristic souvenirs. There are beautiful restaurants and cafés on each side of the Bazaar. Apart from this, there are two hotels named Jumeirah Mina A'Salam and Jumeirah Al Qasr.
    6. Palm Jumeirah
    There are many extraordinary projects in our list of places to visit in Dubai. The biggest of these is the project called Palm Islands. Palm Jumeirah Island, one of the Palm Islands, consisting of a total of 3 islands, is a piece of land created by the filling of the sea on the shores of Dubai.
    The Palm Jumeirah is an extraordinary project that can be seen even in the distance, covering nearly 30 operations, particularly Atlantis Hotel. Having one of the houses on the island is a sign of wealth and prestige for the Arabs and the fathers. To me, there are not many places to visit as a tourist attraction, but skip the taxi, take a short tour around the island and continue your journey.
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