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    Located in the eastern Mediterranean, 70 km from Antalya, Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean with an area of 9.251 km².
    Located in the eastern Mediterranean, 70 km from Antalya, Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean with an area of 9.251 km².
    The Hittites, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Temple Knights, Venetians, Ottomans and Great Britain Empire ruled in the name of the first human settlement in the 10,000 th year BC. Cypriots who left Britain in their own will in 1960; Britain, Turkey and Greece were able to establish an independent republic under the guarantee. In 1963, the Greek Cypriots attempted to make a new constitution without agreeing with the Turkish Cypriots. As a result of the growth of the incidents, 103 villages had been completely evacuated and Turkish Cypriots, making up 1 in 3 of the island population, were forced to live in 3% of the island land.
    In particular have offered many Turkish Cypriots blood pouring result guarantor of Turkey guarantor intervene in England island of EOKA in order to connect an illegal manner to Greece 1973-74 year, the British intervened alone candidates with the refusal has issued a soldier. In 1975, the Turkish Cypriots declared the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983, but in March 1979 the Greek Cypriot courts issued a declaration that the Turkish Cypriot operation was found to be illegal. They were not accepted by any country except Turkey. On May 1, 2004 '' Republic of Cyprus' adoption of the name and Turkey's entering the EU is still the island actually consists of two de facto lifting of the border. The Cypriots, who have divided the capital Nicosia into two, have made friendly visits to each other but still live together.
    Girne in the north coast of the island, 5-star hotels and tourists are attracted to famous casinos in the "star" holiday region of the country. Famous for its museums and historical buildings, it is possible to add Kouklia excursion program to Limassol with its ancient monasteries and mosques in Famagusta, Morphou with its rich citrus gardens, Pier with long sandy beaches, famous beaches, café bars and nightlife with Agia Napa, Castle, Zoological Garden and Archaeological Museum. other cities you will enjoy.
    Where to stay in Cyprus
    Saray Hotel & Spa & Casino
    At Saray Hotel & Spa, where you can find almost everything you might need for a four-way Cyprus holiday, you can enjoy the spa, sauna, steam room and hammam services, as well as rooms with terrace and balcony, and you can spend your day in the private rooms with spa bath. It is possible to dive into the center of Nicosia, including the Turkish and Greek sides, from the terrace of the hotel located in Atatürk Square in the heart of Nicosia. You can enjoy both buffet and à la carte meals in the hotel's restaurant, which has 42 standard rooms, 6 suites and 42 suites. After your meal, you can have fun in the shopping places around the hotel. For transport to Ercan Airport, 19 km away from the hotel, you can request a transfer service from the 24-hour hotel reception or use a taxi.
    Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
    Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa with its delicious food, gigantic scenery, comfortable rooms and enjoyable water park privileges is a great place to visit especially if you want to enjoy a long holiday. In addition to accommodation services, there are plenty of entertainments, and there are three different types of rooms available: standard, deluxe and family. It is also possible to visit the alternative kitchens where you can taste the most special tastes of Cyprus and have 6 different restaurants with different concepts. For a rejuvenating day's rest, you can get a nice massage on Zoya Spa or have fun with your friends in the water park. In air-darkness, your eyes will turn to the stage where the facility hosts many famous names.
    Arkin Palm Beach Hotel
    Arkin Palm Beach Hotel is located in the city center of Famagusta, North Cyprus, with Mediterranean turquoise, glittering golden sands and the best shades of green. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 5 different types of rooms, a total of 102 rooms and accommodation prices vary between 300-500 TL per person. In addition to the restaurants offering the most special tastes from the Mediterranean and world cuisines, the resort has a spa center where you can take advantage of the day and a perfect summer holiday awaits you.
    Gül Hanim House
    Located 200 meters from the Girne Gate in the east of Nicosia, Gül Hanim House guarantees a peaceful holiday thanks to its authentic decoration and warm atmosphere. The authentic decoration of the hotel belongs to Gül Hanim, who lived here for nearly 70 years and gave the name to the hotel. In this historic house transformed into a hotel to keep the memory of Gül Hanim, a master chef who cooks delicious food for his family and all his friends, all the furnitures look original antiques or antiques. This peaceful hotel is located in the center of the old town of Northern Nicosia, where you can relax under the beautiful vine trees and in the spacious courtyard. The hotel has 2 types of rooms and the room rates vary between 200-300 TL. It can be preferred for a friendly and quite peaceful holiday.
    City Royal Hotel
    As a four star hotel with international concept, City Royal Hotel is centrally located with easy access to all parts of North Cyprus. All rooms are designed with modern European architectural touches in a single, double or suite room. With 86 rooms and a total capacity of 202 beds, the facility offers 24 hour service, lobby garden, 3 restaurants, bistro cafe and bar facilities. The City Royal Hotel, with its indoor terrace, sauna, Turkish bath, massages and beauty salons, will provide you with many options to help you relax after a busy city break.
    Places to visit in Cyprus
    Kyrenia, a pretty harbor town that covers the northern coasts of Adan, is also a very touristy spot located in a large part of Cyprus photographs. Places to visit in Girne, attracting attention with its historical atmosphere:
    Bellapais Monastery, Girne
    Bellapais Monastery: The Monastery, also known as the Monastery of Baris, whose original name is derived from French, is located 10 minutes from the center of Girne. One of Bellapais Monastery, one of the most impressive examples of gothic architecture, attracts attention with its magnificent scenery, but still retains its magnificent structure.
    Girne Castle: Castle built by the Byzantines in order to protect the city against the Arabian invasions in the 7th century, Venetics were handed over to the Ottoman Empire in 1570 despite the fact that they were rebuilt according to Ottoman attacks during the period when the city was dominant. The magnificent Girne Castle, which is the scene of the struggles for power of different civilizations, is among the architectural structures that determine the silhouette of the city.
    Saint Hilarion Castle: Saint Hilarion, another castle built to protect from Arab raids in Kyrenia, is located to the west of the three peaks of the Five Finger Mountains and offers a wonderful view of the Girne from its bird's eye view.
    Girne Old Port: Old Girne Harbor, often seen in Cyprus photographs, is one of the most popular spots between Cypriot destinations with historical buildings, cafes, bars and breathtaking sunsets of Venetian architecture.
    The Blue Pavilion: The Blue Pavilion, the home of the most important arms smuggler of the Middle East, the Italian-born Greek Pablo Pavilides, has been hit by Turkish troops following the 1974 Cyprus pullout and is now open to the public.
    Shipwreck Museum: The Shipwreck Museum located in the Girne Castle is home to the oldest ship ever built.
    Buffaveneto Castle: Buffaveneto, meaning "the wind does not bow", was used as a prison, then a castle during the period of its first construction and is admiring the magnificent view of Nicosia.
    Karaoğlanoğlu Şehitliği: Cemetery for Turkish soldiers who lost their lives during the Cyprus Operation is one of the landmarks of Girne and Cyprus is on the list of places to visit.
    Girne Icons Museum: The museum displaying icons of girne and its surroundings can be seen from everywhere due to its long tower together with being an old church.
    Girne Yacht harbor: The marina has an inside position with Girne Castle and offers the opportunity to enjoy fishing boats besides yachts.
    Places to visit in Nicosia
    Cyprus's capital, Nicosia, is the only city in the world that crosses the border with Berlin. Places to visit in Nicosia, located in the center of Adan:
    Selimiye Mosque, Nicosia
    Selimiye Mosque: The largest religious building in Cyprus, the mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of the gothic architecture, although it has been used as a cathedral by the name of Saint Sophia in the past.
    Barbarism Museum: The house of Major Nihat Ilhan, which was launched by Greek Cypriots and tragic events, has been used as a museum since 1 January 1966.
    Great Han: The Great Han, one of the Ottoman buildings in Cyprus, is one of the most striking and everyday buildings on the island.
    Girne Gate: The Girne Gate, a symbol of the former Nicosia city and accepted as a border, is among Cyprus destinations.
    Venice Column: The column, which was formerly built by Venetians in 1550 with the Saint Mark lion, is located in Ataturk Square.
    Nicosia Walls: The walls, which consist of three separate doors and horoscopes, are another building built by Venetians in Nicosia.
    Places to Visit in Famagusta
    Places to visit in Famagusta, a historical port city in the east of Cyprus, famous for its colorful nightlife:
    Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (Cathedral of St Nicholas) Famagusta
    Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nikolas Cathedral): Built between 1298 and 1312, the cathedral, transformed into a monument in the following years, is one of the most beautiful gothic buildings in the Mediterranean region.
    Othello Castle: Also known as Magusa Castle, built by the Luzinian in the 14th century to protect the city, is surrounded by trenches, which are also found in European landmarks.
    The ruins of Salamis: The city that emerged from the Bronze Age with immigrants, the columns that managed to survive the day-to-day life of the city, with the hosts from Anatolia and Cilicia being remarkable.
    Famagusta Port: It has been used by different civilizations for centuries and has been expanded twice, once renovated, on the list of places to visit in Cyprus.
    Kantara Castle: The castle built by the Byzantines to control the northern shores of Adan sees Mesarya, the biggest rub of Cyprus, from the Beşparmak Mountains.
    Kertikli Bath: The historical building, located to the north of the city, is famous for its domes.
    Namik Kemal Dungeon and Museum: The dungeon in Famagusta, where Namik Kemal was sent to exile and spent 38 months, now serves as a museum.
    St Barnabas Monastery: The monastery, one of the historical icons of places to visit in Cyprus, is now used as an archaeological museum, not as a center of worship
    Places to Visit in Güzelyurt and Iskele
    Güzelyurt, the most western part of Cyprus and the Iskele in the eastern part, appeal to those looking for different alternatives to visit the island. Places to be seen in Güzelyurt and İskele.
    Güzelyurt Cyprus
    St. Mamas Church, Güzelyurt
    St. Mamas Church: Just like Saint Barnabas, the church is among the historical icons in Cyprus, one of the old centers of worship serving today as an archaeological museum.
    Güzelyurt Museum of Nature and Archeology: Located next to the Saint Mamas Church, the museum hosts many priceless artifacts with Artemis and deer sculptors.
    Apostolos Andreas Monastery: The monastery at Zafer Burnu, on the far side of the Kapraz Peninsula, is noted for its well-kept and elegant appearance.
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