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    Murcia, a city in the autonomous region of Spain, is also the capital of the Murcia Autonomous Community. Murcia is located on the shore of the Segura River, so...
    Murcia, a city in the autonomous region of Spain, is also the capital of the Murcia Autonomous Community. Murcia is located on the shore of the Segura River, south-west of the Iberic Peninsula. The urban climate is typical of the Mediterranean climate. According to the 2010 census, the total population of the city is 441,345. The majority of the city's livelihood comes from tourism. The beaches of Costa Blanca, Costa del Azahar and Costa Calida have made Murcia very attractive in summer tourism. The history of Murcia dates back to the Middle Ages. The biggest proof of this is Monteagudo Castle. The castle, which was converted into a prison in the 11th century, was used again for defensive purposes in the 15th century. Since then, the castle has survived without any damage. The presence of many archaeological remains indicates that life in the city dates back to very long periods. Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans lived in the region before the Maghreb, who were Arabs who entered Spain through the Strait of Gibraltar. The biggest source of income for these communities was maritime and fishing. The city maintains these livelihoods today. In the city, where the trade is highly developed, there are quite large historical ruins from the Romans. Famous for its coasts and beaches, the city is also remarkable for tourists who want to do water sports. Many tourists visit the city every year to try different water sports. The city is also fascinated by its historical buildings and natural beauties.
    Murcia is also famous for its friendly people. Murcia is very helpful and friendly, where you can see the characteristics of typical Mediterranean people. Tourists can get information about the city from the indigenous people and get tips on country food. There is a private and public university in the city. One of them is Universidad de Murcia and the other is Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. Thanks to these two universities, the city allows many students to come here. In addition, one of the most known features of the city is that the famous Sufi writer Ibn Arabi was born in this city. Because of this feature, the city also attracts great attention.
    Murcia is an untouched area because it is located in an ancient mountainous region. The distance to the mountains is 25 km. The region is highly developed in terms of agriculture and tourism. The creation of the artificial irrigation system in the city in the 8th century has established the rooted history of agriculture in the city and has brought it to the present day. This made the city one of the leading cities in the field of agriculture. The most important places for visitors to visit are charming mountain villages, traditional fishing restaurants, green countryside and unspoilt beaches today.
    Murcia offers vacation planning for all budgets. There are numerous resorts and small boutique hotels in the city. The city, which has significant contributions from tourism, is flooded with tourists especially in summer. The city is quite small, so you can easily walk everywhere. In the center of the city you can see unusual historical buildings. The streets of the city are always full of people, so it is not possible to experience the traffic problem in the city. Murcia is one of the cities that will fascinate you with its many ancient palaces and churches. The most interesting feature of the city architecture of the Baroque style is that they were all built during the Renaissance. These historical buildings, which represent enlightenment and innovation, attract the attention of tourists. The museums in the city are among the other remarkable places. Most of the museums are architectural works of the 18th century.
    A unique place where green, blue and history meet, Murcia is a very quiet city because it does not have a dense population. Murcia is an ideal city for everyone who is bored of crowds and noise and is one of the best places to go for both relaxation and sightseeing. Murcia's beaches, mountains and nature make the city one of the most important areas of Spain. One of the favorite spots of many tourists, Murcia is one of the most preferred touristic places with its natural structure, architecture and cultural diversity. Murcia is a must-see city for those who travel to Spain and is an ideal city for those who want to explore different places and meet new cultures. Especially in spring and summer we recommend you to visit the city.
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