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    Located 715 kilometers north of Moscow, on the Baltic Sea coast, St. Petersburg is among the most populous cities in Europe with a population exceeding 5 millio...
    Located 715 kilometers north of Moscow, on the Baltic Sea coast, St. Petersburg is among the most populous cities in Europe with a population exceeding 5 million. This famous city of the October Revolution, whose former name is Leningrad still can be heard among the local people, is under UNESCO protection with its elegant cityscape, sharp-edged elegant architecture, out-of-stock images, 4,000 sculptures, 2,000 libraries, 80 theaters, over 200 museums and countless artifacts and palaces . Because of the crowded channels, the "Venice of the East" name is also used. St. Petersburg is also the 18-19 hour "White Night", which lives between May and July every year. In 1703, Nevsky Boulevard, which houses the city center, boutiques, cafés, bars, historical buildings and the Russian National Library, which the city of Petro established with the nickname of '' Deli '' of the world, '' Great '' of the world. Dostoyevski fans can see the Dostoyevsky Museum, where the author spent the last three years of his life. St. Petersburg has one of the largest collections in the world, close to 3 million, with the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum, the Peterhof Palace with its unique garden and the beautiful Kazan Cathedral.
    Where to stay in St Petersburg?
    1. Tsentralny Region
    The heart of St Petersburg, the center of everything Tsentralny, or in other words the Centralny District. Embankment Palace, Palace Square, Hermitage, St. Michael's Castle, Summer Gardens, Kazan Cathedral, Aleksander Nevsky Monastery, and many other places worth seeing in the city. Even the most interesting places in the Tsentralny Region itself are between Neva and Fontanka. Almost all the buildings are located in the 18th century and there is no problem in terms of transportation of the area. Because of being a central place, public transport options to other parts of the city are also very busy.
    2. Moskovsky District
    Where history stays in St. Petersburg is a region where city life and peaceful enthusiasts should prefer. The Moskovsky District, which hosts Stalin Period buildings such as Cesme Church, Cesme Palace, Novodevichy Monastery, Victory Park, is one of the best organized places in St Petersburg. In fact, I can say that the most important advantage of the region, which is very popular among the visitors as a tourist, is that it is connected to other parts of the city by a common public transport network and it is also clean and tidy and also affordable accommodation options. There are 6 different metro lines that make direct departure from this area to different parts of the city. The buildings are well maintained and modern, the streets are wide, cafe and restaurant options are more ... Night life is moving.
    3. Kalininsky District
    In fact, outside the city center you are away from the places that can be seen in the historical center and from the moving daily life of the places. But staying in the Kalininsky Region has other advantages. Numerous ancient or modern temples, parks and gardens of different periods are among the awards of this region. Moreover, even though it has a very smooth infrastructure in terms of restaurants, cafes and shopping centers, accommodation is much more affordable than other regions. It's the best answer I can give to budget-minded travelers in St Petersburg where I can stay.
    4. Admiralteysky District
    Within the boundaries of Marlinsky Theater, St. Admiralteysky, which houses noteworthy sites such as the Isaac Cathedral and Hermitage Museum, is preferred because it is easily accessible both to the historical center and to the rest of the city. I can not say that the prices are very low due to the close proximity to the historic center but it is a convenient place to stay in St Petersburg with modern and clean accommodation options, plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops.
    4 ★ Boutique Hotel 1852
    Located in the heart of Tsentralny District, Boutique Hotel 1852 is a simple and stylish choice. There is also a restaurant within 5 minutes from the Nevsky Prospekt and Mayakovskata Metro Stations. Anna Akhmatova Memorial Museum, Feberge Museum, Beloselsky Palace, Bolshoi Circus, Transfiguration Cathedral and Anichkov Palace are all within walking distance of the hotel within 5-6 minutes walking distance. Another note on where to stay in St Petersburg is the Boutique Hotel 1852, which is comparable in price to the standard of similar standards.
    3 ★ A Boutique Hotel
    Another option in the Tsentralny District is next to the Boutique Hotel Gostiny Dvor Metro Station. The hotel is decorated in a very sophisticated style and there is a restaurant on site. For those who want to stay in a stylish and elegant hotel, where is the answer to the question in St Petersburg, from the A Boutique Hotel to the Great Catherine Monument, Anichkov Palace, Sr. Tourist attractions such as Catherine's Cathedral, Alexandrinsky Theater, Mihaylovsky Palace and the Theater can be reached on foot in a few minutes.
    3 ★ Griboedov House
    Situated in Admirelteysky District, Griboedov House has elegantly decorated rooms and common areas. Renovated in 2015, the hotel is 250 meters from Sadovaya and Spasskaya Metro Stations. Among the nearest tourist destinations are the hotel, which also has a restaurant inside; Mariinsky Palace, Nicholas Monument, St Isaac Cathedral, Yusupov Palace. I would recommend the hotel for its central location and reasonable prices.
    3 ★ Hotel Dalisi
    Located on the border of Admirelteyski and Moskovsky District, Hotel Dalisi is a boutique hotel with 14 rooms including 11 standard, 2 mini suites and 1 luxury suite. Situated 250 meters from the Baltiyskaya and Baltiysky Metro Stations, the hotel is stylishly and modernly decorated. Trinity Cathedral, Virgin Mary
    If you want to be close to tourist attractions, to stay in a quiet area and to be treated with hospitality by hotel staff, there is no need to worry about where to stay in St Petersburg.
    4 ★ Aristocrat Boutique Hotel
    Aristocrat Boutique Hotel in the Petrogradsky Region gives its name. The hotel is very elegantly decorated, 600 meters from Petrogradskaya and Gorkovskaya Metro Stations. A 5 to 15-minute walk from sights such as Aleksandrovsky Park, St. Petersburg Mosque, Peter & Paul Ketadrai, the hotel also has a restaurant where delicious food from Russian and European cuisine is served. Despite being a 4 star hotel, the price level is extremely affordable (around 40 USD per night). For those looking for a stylish and affordable accommodation option in Petrogradsky District, I think the answer is the best answer in St Petersburg.
    St Petersburg Places to Visit
    1. Saint Isaac Cathedral
    Saint Isaac's Cathedral, one of the largest domed structures in the world, was built between 1818 and 1885 on the orders of Tsar I Nikolay. The most striking part is the construction of the dome, which is regarded as the main cathedral of Russia, with 100 kilograms of pure gold being spent. As the cathedral has a panoramic view of the city at the top of the cathedral, it is often found in the list of places to visit in St Petersburg, as it has architectural details that are nice in the interior.
    2. Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum)
    Built between 1754 and 1762, the Winter Palace (The Hermitage Museum), which houses a unique collection of magnificent items, was built between 1754 and 1762. Originally the Czaria 2. The building used by Katerina as a winter palace was transformed into a museum in 1764 when it was filled with artworks collected by the interior. The building, one of the oldest of the world in terms of the exhibited collection, was one of the oldest in terms of its foundation year, and was opened to public service in 1852. Officials say a visitor should spend 11 years to see all 3 million works on display in the museum.
    3. Nevski Boulevard
    Nevsky Boulevard (Nevsky Prospect), the main boulevard of the city, was planned by Tsar 1. Pedro as the beginning of Novgorod and Moscow road. The Avenue and Nevski Monastery connects the Admiralty Building with the city's shopping possibilities and the vast majority of nightlife. During the Soviet era, the boulevard has been renovated several times and has historical and cultural structures such as Kazan Cathedral, Stroganov Palace, Russian National Library.
    4. Peterhof Palace
    The Peterhof Palace, which resembles the Palace of Versailles in France in terms of structural features, was built in the 18th century on the order of the 1st Tsar Pedro. The building, which was built after the victory against Sweden at that time, consists of a series of sarcophagi and gardens of various sizes. Grand Cascade, which is composed of 64 fountains and 250 sculptures, is located in the garden of the building you can reach by sea buses leaving from the winter palace.
    5. Peter and Paul Castle
    Due to historical reasons, Peter and Paul Fortress (Peter and Paul Fortress), which travelers added to their list of places to visit in St. Petersburg, were laid in 1703. 1. The building, built for defense purposes against the Swedes at the order of Pedro, is located on an island between the arms of the Neva River. Some of them are used as prisons, including Peter and Palu Cathedral, City History Museum and Museum of Coins and Medals.
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