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    Antalya offers endless options for its guests. From the east of the city there are dozens of sandy, blue-flagged beaches to the west. Cleopatra and Kaputaş Beac...
    Antalya offers endless options for its guests. From the east of the city there are dozens of sandy, blue-flagged beaches to the west. Cleopatra and Kaputaş Beaches are only two of the world famous beaches.
    5-star hotels in Kemer, Side and Alanya are busy, whereas there are more small hotels and pensions on the coastline between Olympos and Kaş. Canoeing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, boat trips and paragliding are just a few things to do around Antalya.
    The oldest known settlement of mankind, the Karain Cave, 30 km from the center, is the most famous of the city's dozens of caves with an estimated 500-thousand-year heritage. A very large part of the Lycian Way, one of the oldest known routes in history, is also included in the Antalya city limits.
    The Lycian Way gives you the opportunity to see nature and hiking, while at the same time offering you the opportunity to see thousands of ancient ruins and settlements on the road. In our opinion, Antalya is an eternal option filled with beauties that should be visited again and again.
    Where to stay in Antalya?
    If you are going to vacation in Antalya for the first time or if you are looking for a different location from the area you always go to in terms of features, we can suggest 7 points out of our experience for you to concentrate on your research.
    These points are Kaleici, Lara, Konyaaltı, Kemer, Kaş, Alanya and Belek, both of which have developed public transportation and are satisfactory in terms of activity.
    Kaleiçi: If you are going to have a holiday in Antalya for the first time and you are in the center of the city and you are looking for a region with a lot of cultural value, we recommend you Kaleici Region. There are more than 100 boutique hotels operating in the region, which are predominantly inhabited by Ottoman houses. This hotel in the area where you can stress by walking on the stone streets is traced from Ottoman architecture.
    Lara: Our second recommendation is that of those who prefer to stay inside, Lara. Most of Antalya's 5 and 7 star hotels are located in this region. You can enjoy pleasant days in Lara, a region that lives 24/7.
    Konyaalti: Konyaalti Region, which is famous for its beaches, we recommend it to stay in a more active part of the city center rather than a historical place. The region, which has more than 150 facilities, attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists during the summer season. It is possible to stay both in the districts of luxury hotel chains in Antalya branches and at affordable facilities. You can also look for luxurious residence-style apartments or more modest rentals when you are researching hotels in the area.
    Kemer: If you want to spend your holidays away from Antalya city center, you can choose Kemer, which is famous for its unique sandy beaches of a total length of 60 km. It is possible to enter the sea from every side of the resort, a peaceful holiday awaits you under the shade of the Taurus Mountains. In addition to the family-friendly facilities in the region, there are also adult-only hotels.
    Kaş: Our recommendation next to you is Kaş, which fascinates you with its natural beauties. More than 200 accommodation facilities are operating in this secluded paradise of Antalya. As in every region of Antalya, there are facilities that you can stay in this region as well as stay alone.
    Alanya: The edge of the deep blue sea; How about having a holiday among the gardens of tropical fruits like bananas, avocados and mangoes? Then we advise you to concentrate on Alanya hotels. Located 1.5 hours away from the city center of Antalya, Alanya is home to both affordable pensions and all kinds of luxurious hotels. Thanks to the growing popularity since the early 1980s, affordable holiday options in the region are increasing day by day.
    Belek: Only 30 km from Antalya, Belek is the first area that comes to mind when it comes to high-end accommodations. The number of accommodation facilities in Belek is over 150 and 99% is 5 star. This is a charming holiday town; sports facilities, health centers and swimming facilities. Moreover, Belek has world-class golf courses.
    Places to Visit in Antalya
    1. Kaleiçi
    The streets of the region, which open to the sea in general, are gaining a magnificent view thanks to the houses that have been sunk throughout the Ottoman period. You can give priority to the cultural areas such as Suna-İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum, Hadrian's Gate and Yivli Minaret while you are walking through the historical area you can go to for some of the historical buildings that contain accommodation facilities.
    2. Hadrian's Gate
    Roman Emperor Hadrian's BC Hadrian's Gate, which was built during a visit to the city in 130, is shown as the most important work reflecting the antique periods of Antalya. Although the sculptures on the door near the Kaleiçi were lost in time, they preserved the inscription in Latin. The marble columns in the Corinthian style, once part of the city walls surrounding the city, are striking with its engraving and relief techniques.
    3. Grooved Minaret
    The Yivli Minaret, the first Islamic period artifact in the city, was built on the order of the Seljuk Sultan Aladeddin Keykubat in the thirteenth century for the translation of the Byzantine church into a frame. It is adorned with turquoise china, outside the minaret of 45 meters high, which gives its name to the bulwark on the back. You can also visit the Zincirkıran Tomb, which is located in the north after the end of the tour of the 8 grooved structure, which is the symbol of the city, and which is now used as a fine art gallery.
    4. Duden Waterfall
    Duden Waterfall, 10 kilometers away from the city center, leaves at the place called Düdenbaşı and leaves for 2 branches. Especially called "Upper Düden" in these 2 kord, it is almost paradise thanks to its peaceful environment surrounded by rich vegetation. It is also referred to as the "Iskender Waterfall" because of the story that tells that the upper reaches of the waterfall where the restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops sell bottles of water drink their horses while passing through Alexander the Great. Lower Düden, which forms the other line, is poured into the sea by creating a unique landscape from the vicinity of Lara.
    5. Antalya Archaeological Museum
    The Antalya Archaeological Museum in Konyaalti was founded in 1922 under the leadership of Süleyman Fikri Erten to prevent foreign archeologists from looting historical monuments in the period when the city was occupied by Italians. The museum, which is one of the places where travelers who want to have information about the history of the city adds to their list of places to visit in Antalya. The cultural facility where the artifacts from antique settlements in the surrounding area can be examined includes the toys from antiquity in the children's section.
    6. Antalya Aquarium & Fear Trophy
    Antalya Aquarium & Fear Trophy is located to the east of Konyaaltı Beach and has been giving pleasure to nature-loving travelers coming to Antalya since 2012. Built in 30 acres of land, the aquarium is home to the snowy snow world and the Ice Museum every night, and there are two sections called WildPark, which offer a tropical adventure with colorful creatures. The facility is divided into 4 themes, totaling 7.5 million liters of water, and you can feed them by participating in many live, organized activities in our country's waters and tropical waters.
    7. Kurşunlu Waterfall
    Kurşunlu Waterfall, protected in 1986 with the status of a nature park, is located within a 2-kilometer valley surrounded by forest cover. Located 7 kilometers from the road in the 24th kilometer of Antalya-Isparta road, the natural beauty is made up of 7 small waterfalls flowing from 18 meters high. These visually stunning waterfalls are surrounded by areas where you can spend pleasant time around such as restaurants, cafes, children's parks. Like waterfall, this waterfall is also ideal for taking pictures.
    8. Antalya Zoo
    Antalya Zoo; Kepezaltı is operating in the area of Picnic and Recreation. There are 856 lively bars in 100 species. In 1989, the municipality decided to recreate the grounds of the park, especially for the families with children. Thanks to artificial and natural water resources, the zoo is enriched with its 400 acres of land, including the area where you can have a picnic.
    9. Karaalioğlu Park
    Founded on the Falezler, Karaalioglu Park, which offers a magnificent Mediterranean view, was established under the leadership of Governor Hasim İşcan at the beginning of the 1940's. The park, which covers the 7000 m² area in front of the building used by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, has taken its name from the person who owns some of the land. The hiking trails that connect the three viewing terraces that the locals call "mirador" are adorned with colorful flowers and wooded areas that grow easily in the climate of the region. Especially if you go here during the evening, you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the scenery.
    10. Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland
    Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland, another thematic entertainment center that operates in the city, creates a possibility to enjoy both the pools with different designs and the lovely sea life. The permanent guests of the part of the water park, which is attracted to holidaymakers of all ages by its pleasant environment, are composed of dolphins, white whales and seals. Antalya sightseeing places You can catch the opportunity to watch dolphin shows organized on Wednesdays or Saturdays at noon to the water park you can include in your list.
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