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    Italy's capital city - one of the most popular countries in Europe with its historical past and its dishes - is home to millions of tourists every year. The cit...
    Italy's capital city - one of the most popular countries in Europe with its historical past and its dishes - is home to millions of tourists every year. The city, where you can see the traces of 2800 years of history on each corner, where you can examine different civilizations or you can make a cultural journey, is also known as romantic city. The Trevi Fountain, also known as the Lovers Fountain, is a unique tradition that can be enjoyed with money. You can visit the famous Coliseum, glorious wars of the gods, the Pantheon of the gods, the old city center Roman Forum and the city's Palatine Hill in the heart of the ancient city of Rome, where you can visit the dusty pages of history.
    At the same time, the Vatican State, which is regarded as the capital of the Christian Catholic monastery, is also within the borders of Rome, and successfully maintains its long history as a capital city for two different countries. Vatican, Pope VIII. The famous Spanish Steps leading to St. Peter's Square or the Trinita dei Monti church built for Alexander and the city which shows its commitment to its Catholic roots also impresses you with its unique squares where each street connects. Another important point of the city where you can find a lot of options in terms of places to visit and stay is the squares and alleys. As you walk through the squares of the city with its stylish and modern cafés, you can leave yourself in the flow of time and enjoy the street displays of different arts.
    Where to stay in Rome
    Let's continue by giving information about the places where you can stay in Rome, where you can stay in Rome. There are 6 places you can stay in Rome. These:
    Around the Central Railway Station (Termini)
    Historic City Center (Centro Storico)
    Rione I Monti Region
    Via Veneto Avenue and its surroundings
    Around the Vatican.
    These places are the first places that come to mind at the beginning of the places preferred by tourists and in terms of accommodation in Rome. The vast majority of the most important places to visit in the city are located in these regions.
    1. Central Train Station Around
    Where to stay in Rome
    Rome's central railway station, Termini and its surroundings, is a beautiful area for travelers wondering where to stay in Rome.
    Roma Termini, Rome Central Railway Station, where in Rome is our first recommendation in our guide. This region is one of the regions where most hotels are located in Rome.
    Important advantages of the zone: Transportation and cheapness.
    There is an express train service to the airport from this station which is the main train station of the city. Besides, this is the last stop in the center of many private buses leaving the airport. So when you arrive at the airport you can easily reach the hotel without having to walk through narrow, stony streets with suitcases.
    If you are planning to go to the other tourist cities of Italy, such as Florence, Milan and Venice, with fast trains as I did after Rome, the starting point of the trains is again this station.
    By the way, you can quickly reach places far from the metro, which is located at the intersection of 2 lines in Rome metro. The municipal buses from outside the station are ideal for reaching places where the metro does not go.
    # This is the starting point for open-top tourist buses in Rome, that is, hop on hop off bus tours. In short, if you stay around Roma Termini, you will get as much comfort as accessing the airport from the airport.
    # Due to the fact that it is near the railway station, there are hundreds of hotels in the vicinity of this area that can be addressed on every budget even if the name is mentioned with cheap hotels. In fact, the hotels in this area are both better quality and cheaper than the 3-4 star hotels in the center.
    Disadvantages of the zone:
    It is possible to reach the center by walking, although this area is a bit more central than the regions I introduce in the guide where I stay in Rome. It is possible to go to the area Coliseum and Trevi Fountain in 15-20 minutes.
    # One of the most negative aspects of the surrounding Termini is the homeless people outside the station at night.
    If you feel comfortable, you can take a look at the facilities north-west of Termini. It can be considered safer if it is closer to the center and the places to visit.
    Our hotel recommendations in this area: 3 ★ Hotel Impero, 3 ★ Hotel Nord Nuova Roma, 4 ★ Hotel Augusta Lucilla Palace, 4 ★ Hotel Quirinale and 5 ★ Boscolo Exedra Roma, Autograph Collection.
    Some of the most beautiful and popular Roman hotels in Rome around the Termini that attract attention are:
    3 ★ Hotel Impero: Right next to the Termini, the 3-star Hotel Impero is a hotel with 8.3 out of 10 in over 6,000 reviews on Booking.com.
    It is a clean, small but good quality, very economical and most important for those who want to stay close to the transportation network.
    4 ★ Hotel Quirinale: The 4-star Hotel Quirinale is located in front of the Termini station, serving a historic 19th-century building.
    150 meters from Repubblica Metro Station, 15 minutes' walk from popular sightseeing spots in the city, such as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, this resort has 8.4 pounds, with approximately 5000 reviews.
    Those looking for a centrally located, quality furnished room, as well as a somewhat economical facility, can look into this hotel.
    2. Historical City Center (Centro Storico)
    Where to stay in Rome Our guide is recommended for the 2nd district Centro Storico ie Historical City Center.
    Significant advantages of the region:
    # The safest and most luxurious region of the highly popular Centro Storico. This area, where the hotel is located in many concepts, is especially ideal for those who want to live the most historic city, for those who step out of the hotel and want to find themselves in the narrow and charming streets.
    # Rome Attractions The area that hosts many sightseeing points in our list is considered the center of the city.
    Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Navona Square. The Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Spanish Steps are a short walk away.
    Disadvantages of the zone: Hotel prices and public transport difficulty
    Apart from places to visit, many quality cafés, restaurants and boutiques are located outside the area, surrounded by historical buildings, the price of accommodation is naturally higher than in other regions. Although the hotels in the district are luxurious, they are usually boutique, small facilities.
    The main disadvantage of the zone is public transport. There is no subway stop in this area. The nearest metro stops are on the northern border, around Spagna. Buses also serve on the main roads in a similar way. However, it is possible to reach both metro and bus stops with a short walk.
    Hotel recommendations in this area: 3 ★ Infinity Hotel, 3 ★ Hotel Adriano, 4 ★ Hotel 87 eighty-seven, 4 ★ Hotel Mozart and 5 ★ Hotel Raphael - Relais & Châteaux.
    Some of the most beautiful and popular Roman cities in the region are:
    3 ★ Infinity Hotel: Located in the very heart of Rome, very close to all sightseeing spots, especially the Spanish Steps.
    The facility, which has an enormous score of 9.2 out of 1000 as a result of more than 1000 reviews, is especially suited to those looking for a good quality but a bit more economical facility, right in the heart of Rome.
    4 ★ Hotel 87 eighty-seven: The 4-star Hotel 87 eighty-seven hotel stands out with its modern rooms, sauna and fitness center, 5 minutes walk from Barberini Metro Station. Located at one of Rome's most acclaimed points, the property has a high pier of 8.5.
    If you want to stay in a hotel with a new, good quality and beautiful location, this facility can be for you.
    5 ★ Hotel Raphael - Relais & Châteaux: The 5-star Hotel Raphael - Relais & Châteaux hotel is located just a stone's throw from Navona Square, one of the most beautiful and popular places in the city.
    From the rooftop terrace of the establishment, which attracts attention with its luxurious rooms, you can watch the city's iconic structures such as the Pantheon and St. Peter's Basilica. If you want to stay in the center of the city with a spectacular facility, you can take a look at this facility.
    3. Rione I Monti Region
    The Rione I Monti region is a place where we can stay in Rome, a place close to the historical part of Rome where we can recommend it.
    The Coliseum, the symbol of the city, and the most important monuments of Ancient Rome are all on the right side of the Roman Forum, and can be preferred by those who want to stay close to the historic center and the metro and Termini.
    By staying in the surrounding area with many cafes, restaurants, boutiques, etc., you can feel the historical touch of the city as well as walk to important sightseeing spots.
    Our hotel recommendations in this area: 3 ★ Princeps Boutique Hotel, 3 ★ Hotel Apollo, 4 ★ Rome Times Hotel and 4 ★ Hotel Cosmopolita.
    Some of the most beautiful and popular Roman cities in the region are:
    3 ★ Princeps Boutique Hotel: Only 400 meters from Termini station and 10 minutes walking distance from the Coliseum, the 3-star Princeps Boutique Hotel 1000+ has an exceptional piano score of 9,3 as a result of the visitor evaluation.
    Those who want to have a nice but somewhat economical stay in a location close to both the transport network and the important historical monuments of Rome can take a look at this hotel.
    4 ★ Rome Times Hotel: Each room is furnished with specially designed furnishings and the 4-star Rome Times Hotel is one of the most remarkable facilities.
    The center of the transportation network, the Termini, is a short walk from popular destinations such as the Coliseum of Ancient Rome, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.
    Be sure to take a look at this 4-star hotel with 8.9 points over 10 when planning your trip.
    Places to Visit in Rome
    1. Coliseum
    You can write the Coliseum, whose reputation spread all over the world, in the first place of your visit to Rome. The splendid structure, also known as the Flavianus Amphitheater, takes its name from the Colossus Neronis Statue of 30 meters high at the entrance according to common belief. The construction of the amphitheater with a length of 188 meters and a width of 156 meters is under the throne of Emperor Vespasian. It started in the year 72.
    Eighteen years later the opening of the work of 55,000 people gathered to watch theater plays, animal and gladiatorial fights and executions was carried out by Emperor Titus. The historical building that the emperors used to consolidate the forces over the people for 450 years was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, although it could not be used due to earthquakes long ago.
    Address: Piazza de Colosseo, 00184 Rome
    Visiting Times: Except for official holidays From 08.30 am to sunset.
    Entry fee: 12 Euro
    Web: coopculture.it/en/
    2. Rome Forum
    The Roman Forum, located to the west of the Coliseum, has been used as the commercial, political and cultural center of the empire for 1000 years. The Romans mostly prefer the name Forum Magnum into the domain of the region BC. From the 5th century, M.S. Up to the 7th century, many religious buildings, monuments and administration buildings were built.
    The most important of these historical buildings, which were exposed as a result of various excavations carried out between the 18th and 20th centuries, are Septimius Severus Victory Jewelry, Vesta Temple and Vestal Virgin Houses, Curia, Kastor and Pollux Temple, Titus Victory Jewelry, Vespasianus Temple, Saturn Temple, Antoninus and Faustina Temple are shown.
    Address: Via della Salara Vecchia, 00186 Rome
    Visiting Times: Excluding official holidays 09.00-19.00
    Entry fee: 18 Euro
    3. Navona Square
    Navona Square, which offers attractive opportunities for those who want to observe the Roman city life with its dynamic structure, is pleased to announce that M.S. Built in the 1st century, instead of a stadium built by the Emperor Domitian. The cafes around the area, which resembles the stadium from which it was designed, are quite ideal for breathing and watching street performers performing their performances.
    Immediately behind the Baroque-style square, decorated with 3 fountains by Bernini's Four Nivers, San Agnese in Agone and San Luigi dei Francesi, one of Rome's most famous religious buildings, are located.
    4. Pantheon
    "The Temple of All Gods" Pantheon was built by Emperor Hadrian between 118-125. The reason for the construction of the temple dedicated to Pagan Roman gods, M.S. He was supposed to replace his burning old man in '80. There is even a statue dedicated to Marcus Agrippa who built the burning temple in front of it and two sculptures.
    The religious structure, which continued its principal mission for nearly 5 centuries, was converted into a church in 609 after the adoption of Christianity of Rome, dedicated to Virgin Mary. With its architecture, the most magnificent part of the church that fascinates its guests is the dome of 43 meters in diameter and height designed to allow the sunlight to enter the middle. There are many tombs belonging to the krallara, artists and architects.
    Address: Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Rome
    Visiting Times: 09.00-19.30
    5. Trevi Fountain (Love Fountain)
    There is the Trevi Fountain on the list of places to visit in Rome, which is at the end of the Poli Palace and has an eye-catching beauty in terms of architecture. The main theme of the fountain is sea Pope XII. It was begun by Sculptor Nicola Salvi in 1732 in response to Clement's request. It can be completed in 30 years with the support of a large number of artists. In the middle part of the work, there is a Neptune figurine enclosed by 2 sea lids emphasizing the main theme. To the right of this statue is depicted a virgin exploring the water source.
    There is another feature that is popular, apart from the historical monument which is also known as the Love Fountain. It is widely believed that the wishes of those who throw money to the fountain on the left shoulder with the right hand are believed to be accepted. So the daytime pool becomes quite crowded. I think when you are ready to come to Rome, make an experiment and throw money at the fountain. Even if you do not believe in these things, you will still be contributing to the poor.
    Address: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Rome
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