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    Rio de Janeiro, South America's second largest city in Brazil, is one of the places you need to see both for its cultural richness and for the vitality of night...
    Rio de Janeiro, South America's second largest city in Brazil, is one of the places you need to see both for its cultural richness and for the vitality of nightlife.
    As far as Brazil is concerned, there are football, samba, Rio Carnival in general and back streets that are not quite so. We have prepared detailed information for you about where to go in Rio de Janeiro.
    Where to Stay in Rio de Janeiro?
    Southern Region (Zona Sul): The Southern District, which houses the safest and most luxurious hotels of Rio De Janeiro, is a region of the Copacabana, Ipanema Beaches, as well as luxury hotels with spectacular Atlantic Ocean views.
    İpanema-Leblon Region: If you do not have a lot of budget for accommodation, the hotels and pensions in the streets of the İpanema-Leblon Region are both safe and affordable. Places to visit in Rio De Janeiro The closest hotels to the region are located here.
    City Center (Rio Centro): Rio Centro is located in the region of Santa Terasa, which is mainly for middle class people. Especially in New Year and Rio Carnival time it is very difficult to find empty hotels around here.
    5 ★ Rio Othon Palace
    Situated on Copacabana Beach, Rio's most beautiful beach, Rio Othon Palace is only a 1-minute walk from the plaja. The swimming pool on the roof floor of the hotel has a magnificent view of Kesmeşeker Mountain. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi and breakfast is served on the 3rd floor with panoramic sea view.
    Skylab Bar and Restaurant on the 30th floor of Rio Othon Palace serves Brazilian and international cuisine. You have the option of walking on the beach after waking up in the morning at the Rio Othon Palace, which is a good opportunity for those who want to stay in a sea-view place.
    5 ★ Miramar Hotel By Windsor
    Located a minute's walk from Copacabana Beach, the Miramar Hotel By Windsor is just across the road from the beach. The hotel also features a green granite pool, a modern gym and a pet-friendly hotel.
    Air conditioning, mini bar, safe, private bathroom amenities as well as free Wi-Fi and parking are available in the rooms. Miramar Hotel By Windsar is located close to shopping centers and nightclubs, 5 km from Kesmeşeker Mountain and 4 km from Corcovado Tepesi.
    5 ★ Hilton Rio De Janeiro Copacabana
    One of the best answers for where to stay in Rio De Janeiro, the Hilton Rio De Janeiro Copacabana offers its guests 5-star comfort. Especially you can spend a pleasant time in the spa center and on the rooftop pool with its magnificent sea view.
    At the Hilton Rio De Janeiro Copacabana, where 24-hour room service is available, the rooms have a sophisticated design. You can also savor your day's fatigue in the hotel's rich breakfast menu, which is served daily with freshly brewed pastries.
    Places to Visit in Rio de Janeiro
    1. Cutting Sugar Loaf Mountain (Sugar Loaf Mountain)
    Rio De Janeiro We start with the places where we have to write the cutter Sugar Mountain. You will feel the city of Rio under your feet when you go to the summit of Mount Kesek Seker Mountain, one of the two most important hills in the city. To reach the summit of the Cutting Sugar Mountain you can think of as two hills on top of each other, you will have to board two transferring cableways. If Urca, the first stop, shakes you immediately, continue breathing to the summit. When you reach the summit, if the weather is clear, enjoy the view and the fresh air.
    2. Corcovado Hill - Jesus Christ Statue of the Redeemer
    Corcovado Hill, the most important hill in the city, is one of the places where you can enjoy Rio best. The Rescuer Jesus Statue, which is 30 meters high, is one of the places where tourists are most interested.
    If you do not want to go out on foot to Corcovado Hill, you can easily get there by train every day between 08.00 - 19.00 hrs. When you arrive at the top of the hill, you will see the most beautiful view of Rio, such as Cutting Sugar Mountain, Maracana Stadium, Guanabara Bay, as well as the cityscape.
    3. Rio Beaches
    Copacabana Beach
    Copacabana Beach: Rio's most famous beach, Copacabana Beach, lies south of Rio on the edge of Cutting Sugar Mountain. You can enjoy the sun on the immaculate beach, swim, play beach football or beach volleyball. If you ask where you can go to sea in Rio, we recommend that you have your first choice for Copacabana Beach.
    Leme Beach
    Leme Beach: Leme Beach, like the extension of Copacabana Beach, caters to families. Bikes, kayaks, boats are often encountered along Leme Beach, the beach where you can watch the sun's rays most beautifully.
    Ipanema Beach
    Ipanema Beach: Ipanema Beach, one of Rio's most interesting beaches, is famous for its 'Garotas Bonitas' or 'Beautiful Women'. You can also participate in all kinds of sports activities on the beach which is popular with 'Girl From Ipanema' song, as well as entertaining party parties which continue until morning.
    Barra Beach
    Barra Beach: Barra Beach, the longest beach in Rio, is a favorite place for surfing enthusiasts. There are many surf schools on the edge of Barra Beach, where dozens of savvy enthusiasts struggle against the waves.
    4. Maracana Stadium
    Rio De Janeiro is on our list of places to go with the historic Maracana Stadium, which is a football haven. Built for the 1950 World Cup, Maracana Stadium has a spectator capacity of more than 200,000 and matches played against full tribunes. In the following periods, the stadium's capacity was reduced to 95 due to security reasons. For the World Cup held in Brazil in 2014, you can visit the renovated Maracana Stadium as a tourist attraction. If you can match it, you can take your ticket and watch the games played in the statue.
    You can roam the fans' tribune, honorable tribune, locker rooms and substitute clubs on the Maracana Stadium tour, which takes about an hour and is organized between 08.00-19.00.
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