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    Porto, located in the northern part of Portugal, where Rio Douro (Douro River) sits in the Atlantic Ocean, is the second largest city after Lisbon, the capital ...
    Porto, located in the northern part of Portugal, where Rio Douro (Douro River) sits in the Atlantic Ocean, is the second largest city after Lisbon, the capital of the country with a population of 1.4 million. Porto, an attractive city with a red roof, It has many famous buildings such as the 12th-century Se do Porto (cathedral of Porto), Igreja de Sao Francisco (Church of St. Francis), Casa de Musica (Musical House) View of the River Douro, Ribeira Square, UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, souvenir shops, cafes and bars, the busiest area of the city. The most famous dish of Porto, the homeland of Porto wines which won the great taste of wine lovers everywhere in the world, is 'francesinha', which is prepared on toasted bread with various meat options and served with a special sauce. The '' bacalhau '', an ocean fish, and the grilled and roasted options of sardines are also ready to go.
    Where to stay in Porto?
    After Lisbon, Portugal's second largest and most developed city, Porto has hundreds of accommodation facilities that make it easy to find where to stay in Porto, despite its small size in terms of area. The main reasons for the large number of facilities are the very good preservation of the medieval heritage of Porto in the global city status and the opportunity for holidaymakers to experience a highly mobile social life.
    In addition to star-friendly hotels, hostels, apartments, hostel-style accommodation options in Porto, prices below the European average.
    I would suggest that travelers who want to come to Porto for a culture-driven excursion in the north of Portugal, built on rugged terrain, look for the Riberian Quarter (historical region) for accommodation. This area, which is active 24/7, has many historical sites where you can see the cobbled narrow streets. The neighborhood is also suitable for honeymooners with its romantic atmosphere.
    Baixa, the commercial center of the city, has recently become a popular entertainment venue. This region of the city is a place where those who prefer modern accommodation can find what they are looking for. There are also historic buildings such as Bolhão Market and Tower of the Clerics in Baixa do Porto, full of shopping streets.
    There is not much distance between the regions in Porto where you can walk all the way. However, public transport is highly developed. In addition to the classic ways such as subway, bus, taxi, you can also take a city bike ride.
    3 ★ Pao de Acucar Hotel
    Art déco style is preferred in the 3-star Pao de Acucar Hotel decoration in Porto's historic center. The Avenida dos Aliados and its metro station are 100 meters away, and 51 rooms are equipped with classical furniture and private bathrooms. Breakfast is served every morning and there are many restaurants and bars around the hotel. If you do not want to go out, you can borrow books from the hotel's library and spend time reading the book.
    4 ★ Hotel Dom Henrique - Downtown
    Hotel Dom Henrique - Downtown is the city center of the 4 star hotels I will recommend to you to make your research "where to stay in Porto". Located in the heart of the entertainment district, the rooms are equipped with warm colors and modern furnishings. The hotel is located close to public transportation and city sightseeing can be arranged.
    4 ★ HF Ipanema Porto
    The 4-star HF Ipanema Porto hotel near Porto's commercial district has modern equipped standard rooms as well as specially furnished large family rooms. The facility, which offers laundry facilities, babysitting, car rental, tours and sightseeing arrangements, has received a high rating of 8.4 thanks to its excellent food quality and excellent location.
    4 ★ HF Fenix Porto
    HF Fenix welcomes guests in a building in the Boavista Commercial District, with rooms on the upper floors of Porto overlooking the Douro River. Due to its location, it is an ideal place for travelers wishing to walk along the river, participate in city tours and learn about the food culture. The 148 accommodation units are modernly designed and comfortable.
    5 ★ Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa
    A few steps away from Boavista Avenue, the 5-star Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa welcomes guests in 266 luxuriously appointed rooms that are used in harmony with each other in wood, steel and glass. Scrumptious meals with a comprehensive spa center are prepared from traditional Portuguese cuisine. All meals, especially breakfast, are open buffet. The metro station next to the hotel makes it easy to reach places of interest.
    Places to Visit in Porto
    1. Avenida dos Aliados
    Avenida dos Aliados (Aliados Square), surrounded by unique historical artifacts and architectural remains of the Byzantine period, is at the head of the city's most famous routes. The venue has different events and organizations throughout the year, as well as various shopping malls selling souvenirs.
    2. Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace)
    Palácio da Bolsa (Borsa Palace), built by the Porto Chamber of Commerce in order to ensure that foreign investors coming to town in the nineteenth century will invest in the city, is succeeding in attracting tourists who come to the city with an eye-catching architectural touch. The palace, which has a great history for the city, opens at 8:00 am to 18:30 pm. The main hall of the palace is displayed by the Arab Hall, which is hosted by important figures. You can easily see the architectural work, R. de Ferreira Borges region, which is now continuing its activities as the Congress Culture Center.
    3. Se do Porto (Porto Cathedral)
    Se do Porto (Porto Cathedral), the oldest architectural artifact in the town of Terreiro da Se, continues to maintain its Romanian architectural style in the same way today. The cathedral, which is supposed to be included in the places of interest in Porto, is dazzling with ceramics and stained glass floors. In addition to Romaneks, Gothic, Manuelin and Borak style details are also included in the design of the work established by the Christian Crusaders in the 12th century.
    4. Casa de Musica (Concert Hall)
    The Casa de Musica (Concert Hall), built by the Serralves Foundation in 2001, helps people in the city enjoy themselves. Numerous music events are organized throughout the year, with striking architectural beauty. When you come to Porto for business or pleasure, Av. you can stop by the Concert Hall in the Boavista neighborhood and have a nice evening at the music festival.
    5. San Francisco Church
    Igreja de Sao Francisco (San Francisco Church), one of the most magnificent works of the city of Porto, is dragging you into a fascinating world with its unique designs. Today, the work that serves as a functional place of worship, Largo de Sao Franciscoapit is out in the street. 14-15. The motifs of the church, which was designed as a result of heavy workmanship for centuries, are drawing attention with its gold details. The historical arches make the appearance of the artwork more perfect and valuable.
    6. Ponte Dom Luis I
    Designed by an architect named Leopold Valentin, Ponte Dom Luis I (I. Dom Luis Bridge) offers an enchanting view with its magnificent view. The upper side of the bridge, which has a harmonious ambience with its boats, boats and pleasant buildings, is used for the operation of the trams. The bridge, which was opened in 1886, is among the places to visit in Porto and thanks to its modern lighting system, the city has a different atmosphere. By renting a bus or car, you can reach Ponte Luís I, Porto and take pictures at the unique beauty bridge.
    7. Torre dos Clerigos
    Torre dos Clerigos, a part of the Church of Clérigos, continues to be a tourist attraction ever since 1763. It houses 240 steps of stairs, leaving you with an indescribable city view on the top floor. On the R. de São Filipe de Nery street, you can get a chance to visit the tower between 09.00-19.00 with a small fee of 2 euros.
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