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    Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia and one of the world's most important metropolises, was known as "Marvelous Melbourne" during the Gold...
    Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia and one of the world's most important metropolises, was known as "Marvelous Melbourne" during the Gold Rush in the mid-1850s. Today it is a city that has not lost anything.
    1. Tram Tour
    Trams, an important part of Melbourne's public transport, and even the free "Circle Tram" promises a very interesting city tour to visitors.
    Take the tram number 35 at the heart of the city to see architectural masterpieces such as Flinders Street, Harbor, Docklands Drive, La Trida Street, Victoria Street, Nicholsan Street and Spring Street passing through the Parliament Building, Old Treasury Building, Princess Theater and Windsor Hotel as well. The tram, which you can go down to the desired downt and return to your desired downtime, takes place every 20 minutes from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm and from 10 am to 9 pm on other days.
    The nostalgic tramway in burgundy-green colors, which will be the symbol of the city, is also connected to some stations with other tram lines.
    2. Parliament Building
    The Parliament Building, the largest building in Australia from the 19th century, is also the official seat of the Province of Victoria. Designed by architect Charles Pasley, the building was inspired by the Leeds Town Hall in England, but afterwards, some changes were made by architect Peter Kerr. During the day when parliament is not collected, 8 free Parliament Building tours can be made. If you come to a session during the tour, where it is not necessary to make an appointment for small groups of 6 people, you can also join as a viewer.
    3. Old Treasury Building
    Built in 1862, the Old Treasury Building is considered one of the most impressive buildings in Australia. The building, which has been used as a Melbourne Township building since the 19th century, was designed by architect John James Clark of 19 (yes 19!) And is an exquisite example of the Renaissance style.
    Today, it is a museum that includes three permanent exhibitions named "Built On Gold", "Victorian Archival Treasures" and "Growing Up", all of which contain documents, objects and images of the city's history, architecture, taking. The museum, which is closed on Saturdays, is located on Mac Arthur Street and you do not have to pay an entrance fee if you do not buy guided tours.
    4. Princess Theater (Princess Theater)
    Another example is the breathtaking history of Princess Theater Melbourne, which dates back to 1886. Today, the city still has some of the most important games, operas and musicals in the city. In the Melba and Marriner restaurants you will find a marble adornment, a dome-like roof-top original, and a glimpse of all the glory that you can enjoy a small meal in front of the named restaurants.
    5. Federation Square (Federation Square)
    The Federation Square, which hosts more than 2,000 events every year, is not really old. The challenge in 2002 is a tourist spot and a meeting place for local people, with ultra-modern buildings alongside Victoria-style buildings. The square at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders Rd can be the starting point in this city.
    6. Royal Botanic Gardens
    One of the most touristic places in the city is Botanic Gardens, south of the Yarra River. Opened in 1846, the garden is one of the best among botanical gardens all over the world. The Botanical Gardens, spread over an area of 400 acres, contain more than 50 plants, some of them rare.
    If you want to visit, you can watch a movie or play theater in the outdoor cinema under the stars. Botanical Gardens on Birdwood Street are open from 7:30 am to sunset and no entrance fee is paid.
    Where to stay in Melbourne
    1. Southbank
    Situated right in the heart of the city, Southbank is preferred because it is within easy walking distance of the places and streets, offering great options for cafes, restaurants and shopping, as well as offering a fascinating view of the Yarra River. There are also hotels and boutique hotels available for every budget in the region. Moreover, it is a very active and safe area at night and day.
    2. East Melbourne
    Starting from Spring Street, the east-spreading streets turn into residential areas after a while. Ideal for a stay in this quiet area with garden houses or low-rise buildings. Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne can also be preferred because of the proximity to the house of Captain Cook we mentioned on the list of places to visit.
    3. Carlton and Fitzroy
    We recommend the Carlton or Fitzroy Districts, which are located in the northern part of the city center, where the most convenient place for restaurants, patisseries, delicatessen, books and all kinds of shopping. The restaurants and pubs are full of designer boutiques and art galleries, as well as a vibrant nightlife area. The closest places to visit are Melbourne University, Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Brunswick Street.
    4 ★ Imagine Marco (Southbank)
    Located in Southbank, Imagine Marco is at the top of the preferred hotels in this region with a score of 8,8 Booking.com and the price is between 180-200 USD. The most important advantage of this hotel is that each accommodation is arranged to include a small home-like kitchen and basic kitchen utensils. If you want to eat outside on this occasion, you can also prepare your own meals when you want. This detail, which is not important for a few days' accommodation, is a very important advantage for longer stays over 10 days.
    The airport is also within walking distance to many important sights including the Imagine Marco Eureka Building, 35-40 minutes away.
    4 ★ Oaks WRAP on Southbank (Southbank)
    As the city is the ideal location for accommodation, we would like to give you another recommendation from Southbank. With a price level of 125 USD per night, Oaks WRAP is located 30-35 minutes from the airport. The most favorite part of the hotel with a rating of 8,8 Booking.com is helpful staff and excellent location. On the other hand, if you go with a car you can experience parking problems because it is on a very busy street. Sauna, swimming pool and fitness room guarantee you will have a pleasant time even if you never go out of the hotel.
    4 ★ Quest St Kilda Bayside (St Kilda Region)
    Quest St Kilda Bayside hotel is also located in walking distance from St Kilda Beach. It therefore offers the advantage of being able to accommodate your kitchen and basic needs during long days of long stay. With 8,6 Booking.com points and a price level of 100 USD, both the city and the sea can be preferred by those who want to spend a few minutes' walk to the Alfred Square bus stop and the Esplanade stop of 3A, 16F and 96 trams.
    4 ★ Alston Apartments Hotel (Carlston)
    Alston Apartments Hotel is ideal for both kitchen and basic needs, as it is very close to both the airport and the city center and can be reached by foot or by public transport in 5-10 minutes. Dining out in an expensive city like Melbourne is pleasant for travelers who want to be thrilled from time to time, although pleasant.
    The biggest benefit of the hotel is that it is only a few hundred meters from Lygon Street, which is full of restaurants, cafes and bars. Right in front of the hotel is Rathdown Street bus stop, where buses 200 and 207 pass. The nearest tram stop is Lygon Street Stop 1 and 6 where the trams pass and a few hundred meters from the hotel.
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